FM Dreams... for all of our lives.

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So I've been told by the elders that when I was just a tiny, cute, bundled in blankets newborn I would only fall to sleep to music playing on a little transistor radio that was hung off the post of my crib. You know, to this day, I can't fall to sleep without being plugged into my iPod. Whether it be some classic Dark Side of the Moon or relaxation and meditation sounds, I need my music to sleep.

Tell me there are others out there with this affliction. Assure me that I'm not the only person with this birth defect, or is it possibly an after-birth defect. I kid about it being a defect, (except when my iPod isn't charged and I can't fall to sleep).

I love music. All kinds of music and that is the purpose of this blog. I want to share the songs and memories of years past, when life seemed so much easier and less stressful. Join me as we rediscover the music of our youth. Boomers this is your stuff. Remember the first time you took your date to a drive-in or just out for a soda? Recall the feeling when you fell in love for the first time? Or simply the first time you drove alone after getting your license. That's what "FM Dreams" is all about. The dreams are actually the memories we've already experienced. Good or bad they're with us... for all of our lives.

I have always dug Coming Around Again by Carly Simon. Like the song says, "I know nothing stays the same, but if you're willing to play the game, it's coming around again". The music itself is so rhythmically soothing. The tempo so easy and the drum beat steady. Close your eyes and take it in. Reminds me of singing and dancing around the living room with my sons. It was dusk just as the sun was going down when we took a drive to our local DQ for ice cream cones.

Where does it take you to?

Carly Simon

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