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The New Kid In Town

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Taking a trip back to my early teens, brings up memories of moving to a new neighborhood (the 10th Ward -Southeast Side of Chicago) and the nerve wrecking proposal of having to make new friends. To one side were the Matczak's, a fun time family of four with two teenagers, Christy and Scott. To the other side were the Pettigrews, a slightly stricter parochial family with three teens, Carla, Paul and John. As it turns out it wasn't that hard to fall in place with the neighbors as they were very outgoing and welcoming to my new neighborhood. Polish, Italian and Hispanics living in harmony.

"There's talk on the street; it sounds so familiar
Great expectations, everybody's watching you
People you meet, they all seem to know you
Even your old friends treat you like you're something new"

Okay, okay, your probably saying, "That's nice Art but what about the Eagles?" I'm getting there. Take it easy. Anyways, a few months after settling into my new hood there was a song I kept hearing on the radio. New Kid In Town had been released and WLS Radio seemed to be playing it every-other-song. That was cool because I dug the song big time. It fit right into what was happening in my life at that time. And what that was is I had been dating my neighbor Christy for I think a fairly short time. I don't remember if it was a few weeks or a few months, but I remember her family and always having a great time whenever I'd go over. Needless to say to this day every time I hear that song I remember the Matczaks and especially Christy. Summer love 1976. That's old school people.

"You look in her eyes; the music begins to play
Hopeless romantics, here we go again
But after awhile, you're lookin' the other way
It's those restless hearts that never mend"

Naturally with such a great song I ran out to get the Hotel California album. Great investment. Every song from Hotel California to The Last Resort was awesome. A few plays later they were memorized and ready for my one man concerts in the basement. You remember... air guitar.

A couple of months ago I had a great surprise waiting in my gmail and that was an invite from Christy to be buds on Facebook. How cool is that, to come across someone you hadn't seen or spoken to in 30+ years and then there they are? Needless to say a quick click on yes and a brief note took me right back to the mid 70's. Sitting on the front stoop with her, talking and listening to the radio. Laughing and just hanging out. Good times!!!!

"There's so many things you should have told her,
but night after night you're willing to hold her,

Just hold her, tears on your shoulder"

Do you remember the early teen years? Guys first discovering "the other sex" and vice versa. Actually taking time to comb your hair or brush your shoes off. Maybe even iron your clothes or wear something you thought smelled good like English Leather. Those were the days lol.

"Where you been lately? There's a new kid in town
Everybody loves him, don't they?
Now he's holding her, and you're still around"

So as my fanship (is that a word?) grew for the Eagles I eventually collected their earlier hits like Witchy Woman, Desperado, One of These Nights and Take It to the Limit.

Instead of vids, here's my Eagles jukebox I want to share with you. The Eagles at their best. Vids are cool, but with these guys, unless you're there live, it's just not the same.

So tell me, what, when or who do the Eagles remind you of?

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I've been influenced by my friend Sondan at Everything Old Is New Again and her post Love Songs of the 70's.

Ever since my earlier, impressionable music listening days, the songs that have always stayed with me are those sappy love songs. "Ya, that's right. I'll be a man and admit it! I dig those love songs." Wow, that wasn't hard at all.

As a young kid they seemed to so perfectly capture the essence of the current crush I had on someone like Chris, (Laughter In The Rain) the girl next door or Carla (Colour My World) who lived on the other side. Or Bev (Crazy On You), Becky (So Far Away) and Nancy (The Last Resort) from my summer camp days. There was Tina, Gloria and Sharon from grammar school and Karen (Don't Stop Believin') my high school sweetheart. It goes on and on, but the bottom line is I don't think there's a single love song from the 70's or early 80's, that doesn't remind me of someone I was with or wanted to be with.

Now I'm just talking about the "being together" songs. There's also the "breaking up songs", which is a post for another day. No, right now, it's about the tunes that put that stupid grin on your face that your friends could never just let slide. Or that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, when the cute new girl in school was assigned a seat next to you. I guess that's where the loss of appetite comes in.

I know there's way too many to list them all, but some that I remember playing were "My Love", "Your Song", "I Just Want to be Your Everything", "Dance With Me", "Magnet and Steel" and "Kiss You All Over".

Now some of the best, in my opinion, weren't from the mainstream genre, but from the R&B/Soul charts. Groups like:

The Chi-lites w/ Oh Girl, Have You Seen Her, Just Two Teenage Kids

The Stylistics w/ Betcha By Golly Wow, You Are Everything, I'm Stone In Love With You

Love Unlimited w/ Walking in the Rain With the One I Love

The Delfonics w/ La La Means I Love You, Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time

The Spinners w/ Could It Be I'm Falling In Love, One of a Kind Love Affair

Barry White w/ My First, My Last, My Everything, Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe, It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me

Teddy Pendergrass w/ Close The Door, Turn Off the Lights, Come Go With Me

Shalamar w/ This Is For the Lover In You, Somewhere There's A Love

But my most favorite of all was Earth, Wind and Fire w/ Reasons.

"In a second hun." Uh-oh. The wife, (aka The Brunette), wants to know what my post is about.

Uh-oh. She put on our song. Time to be Rico Suave.


But first what love songs were your favs? Who do they remind you of?

P.S. This is the brunette's and my song: "Toda Sexta-Feira" by Belo Veloso

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Remembering Michael Jackson

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Hey guys I hope all have been doing good. Well I'm sitting here watching the Michael Jackson Memorial Celebration live on CNN, a tear drop racing down my cheek followed by another. The tears and lump in my throat aren't from sadness, but rather the incredible respect I have for this artist. I can't help but appreciate the impact that his music has had in my life. His songs remind me of first loves, Saturday morning smiles, summer breezes, growing up and venturing into the world, starting a family, raising my boys and cross country road trips with the family. Songs like I Want You Back, I'll Be There and Got To Be There are all associated to an episode or occurrence in my life. The magic of a song like Ben. A song about a rodent. Go figure this would wind up being one of my favorites. Jermaine is now singing Smile, another great song and there goes another tear.

It's been awhile since I've written a post from the heart so I've got a lot to share. I hope you bare with me as I try to put into words my thoughts from a 40 plus year observation of an incredible entertainer. You know back in the days of the variety shows like Ed Sullivan, Flip Wilson, Sonny and Cher and of course The Carol Burnett Show, I would determine which show I would watch based on the special guests they would have on. If the Jackson 5 were in the TV Guide, I guarantee I'd be watching that show. Saturday Morning cartoons? The Jackson 5ive was the bomb for me (hey, remember I was like 8 or 9 at the time). But honestly, from the early Jackson 5 songs and the later Michael Jackson songs spark both great and not so great memories for me.

In one of the interviews preceding this special I'm watching, a fan said, "Michael Jackson has written the songbook of my life". What an incredible gift to have such an affect on another's life and in such a selfless way. Songs that parallel the events in one's life. Music that can be related from the earliest days to the current. I know exactly what the guy was talking about. Here's my little association list of Michael Jackson songs:

Dancing Machine - In front of the mirror in the basement trying to do the robot. I think I was half decent because I tried it at a grammar school dance and that's when I found out the ladies like a dude that can dance.

Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - Mom thinking that she's going to show me some new moves with this song. I broke into the robot and she went upstairs all mad and what not. It was hilarious.

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Fake ID and a dance club a short drive away. Need I say more.

Rock With You - A cold winter in Chicago, taking my girlfriend home in a nice toasty car. We wound up staying together through high school and shortly after.

Billie Jean - Reminds me of falling in love with an older woman and eventually marrying her. It lasted 15 years and she wound up being 2 years younger than me. But we sure wore out some rugs to this song.

Wanna Be Startin' Something - Trying to get my wife (9 months pregnant at the time) to dance and swing and work up a sweat. Not one of our more special moments. I don't recommend pushing the issue with your expectant wife guys.

Thriller - The moves were awesome and they make for a great group dance but my lasting memory is of watching MTV on my new Curtis Mathis console tv set. The first couple of nights I'd stay up watching music videos all night.

The Way You Make Me Feel
- This song reminds me of taking a new position and moving back to Chicago. Wife and kids in tow, man was I nervous. Not sure why but this song and a couple of others were an escape from the day-in, day-out grind. I think it was the percussions.

Bad - Job turned out good. Now my little family had to hear me sing this every time I closed a big deal. (Sorry guys)

Dirty Diana - I'd always play this at Mother's when I'd stop for a drink after work before heading home. It sure got the girls to start dancing. I personally just liked the guitar riffs. (wink wink)

Smooth Criminal - Trying to match the steps and moves, whilst my two sons cracked up in the background saying dad you stink! Awesome beat in this song.

You Rock My World - Living in Tenn. trying to take a break from all the country and bluegrass tunes on the radio.

Well enough for this post. There's way too many hits to list all at once. I'm sure I'll revisit this soon. Thanks for stopping by and letting me share some great videos with you.

After all is said and done in this blogger's opinion, Michael Jackson will always be The King of Pop. What was my favorite song you ask? Human Nature. Surprised? Listen to the arrangement and the instruments. His voice is used as one and blends incredibly with the sounds.

I'm interested. What's your favorite?

* As always, if you enjoy the artist and their music, help support their work by purchasing the album.

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Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends

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